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We had the old driveway with all the cracks and spawls removed, and a new, wider driveway poured. We also replaced the sidewalk that my porch contractor messed up. And we extended the pad back so the trash and recycling containers are on pavement, and we don't have to walk on dirt to get to them.I had Dave place wire mesh and some 1/2" rebar for reinforcement. He also sealed the surface to protect it from water. We may repeat that process.And we raised the level, and put a drain pipe under the new pavement to drain surface water from the front yard.There were a few wrinkles.1. We found some wetness under the old drive, in a place where the builder filled in a stump hole with dirt. After we determined it was not the water line leaking, we dug that out and filled it with crush and run.2. The weather was not cooperative, and we poured 6 days later than planned. But, since then, the weather has been great for curing concrete.It is still green, so I think it will be Monday, 5/2, before we drive on it.

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